How to Clean your Wood Fence | Shore Clean Solutions

Wood fences are very attractive to the eye when new. Over time, weather elements affect them causing an accumulation of dirt and grime that makes them unsightly. All these can culminate in the growth of mildew, algae, mud, and mold. It’s for this reason that regular fence cleaning is important as it gets rid of stains, rot, and discoloration. Your fence becomes bright and new again.

How to Clean your Wood Fence | Shore Clean Solutions

Fence Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps
The most effective way of cleaning your wood fence is through pressure washing since a power washer is ideal for large surfaces and gives an exceptional outcome. Professionals like Shore Clean Solutions will power wash it for you efficiently and in a timely manner since they are used to doing such projects.

These 5 steps will leave your fence looking spotlessly clean:
1. Cover your plants or grass
Use a tarp or plastic sheeting to cover any plants at the base of your wood fence. This will protect them from the grime loosened by your pressure washer.

2. Scrub your fence
Use a wire brush to scrub out heavy debris that may be stuck on the fence. Don’t apply a lot of force as you may damage the paint.

3. Spray cold water
Wet your wood fence with a garden hose to remove loose surface dirt.

4. Pressure wash  
Keep a distance of 1-2 feet away from the wood fence when pressure washing. A medium pressure nozzle of 25 degrees works best in this case. With long vertical strokes, clean the fence with cold water.

5. Move the washer
Don’t spray one spot for long as this can damage the fence. Keep changing the area you are spraying until there’s no more color change in the wood.

Acquire a Clean Wood Fence Effortlessly
If your fence has been neglected for long and requires a rigorous job, or if it needs regular cleaning, use professional services. You will be assured of a detailed, speedy, and effective result. Shore Clean Solutions uses the right equipment and competent staff for perfect HOA and commercial fence cleaning. Contact us today for a free quote.