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Why and When should you have your Roof Cleaned ?

Don’t call roofing contractors to replace your Roof. Roof Cleaning is more affordable.

The Black streaks on your roof are not just an appearance factor they are also taking away the lifespan of  your shingles. The black streaks are actually a Fungus called gloeocapsa magma. This cyanobacteria is a  bacteria that get their strength to survive through photosynthesis and the limestone filler found in the composition of shingles. This accumulation begins to show the black stains as the cyanobacteria develop their dark and hard UV protective outer coating. The main reasons for the rapid spread and noticeability of these cyanobacteria are thought to be:

  • Rising Humidity and temperatures combined with more bacteria spores promotes their spread with these  conditions.
  • Fiberglass shingles are made with limestone as a filler (in the asphalt). These shingles hold moisture and Organic Growth  “bacteria food” material longer (especially on the North-side of the home). This cyanobacteria causes substantial  destruction to Roofs causing shingle decay and loss of reflective  power. Over time, Gloeocapsa magma breaks down the shingles by feeding  off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingles. This decreases a roof’s ability to reflect ultra-violet rays of light and shortens the life of the roof.

Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

We safely apply our blend of detergents to your roof to kill the Organic growths that are living on your roof. We apply the soap with a soft wash roof cleaning system that puts out less than 200psi, then let mother nature do the rest. Our products are eco friendly and use a very low pressure so you don’t have to worry about your plants or roof.

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