Holiday Lighting

The tradition of displaying outdoor lights during the shortest days of the year is actually an ancient one. Long before there was electricity and string lights, oils and candles were used to brighten long dark winter nights. Bright and cheery, both festive and comforting, holiday lighting makes the holiday season that much more fun. Whether you illuminate your trees and bushes, adorn your roofline, outline your sidewalk or driveway, or craft an independent yard display, your holiday lights are sure to bring joy to all who pass by. To help our clients safely and easily share their joy during the holiday season, Shore Clean Solutions offers professional holiday lighting installation.

Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation

Holiday Lighting“Stringing up holiday lights is fun,” said no one. To be certain, you can find comedies and memes about this very topic. You may laugh at the frustrated guy struggling to make his eccentric Christmas light project work, but, if you’ve been there, you know, it’s actually not so funny. And the reality is, the annual stories of tragic ladder falls are far from entertaining. When you partner with a professional installation company, you can enjoy all the benefits of holiday lighting without the hassle or the risk.

  • We supply all lights and accessories.
  • If a bulb goes out we come and replace it.
  • We take down the lights & decorations and store them in our
  • All the lights will be on timers so they’re worry free.

What You Can Expect With Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

Through our proven residential and commercial pressure washing services, we’ve been helping business and homeowners in the greater Salisbury, Maryland area look their very best throughout the year. So putting up holiday lights was a natural fit for our business. Fully trained and focused on impeccable customer service, the holiday light installation team at Shore Clean Solutions executes beautiful and durable exterior holiday lighting displays.

With our quick and affordable outdoor lighting installation service, you’ll enjoy:

Lighting Design

If you have your concept in mind, we’ll turn it into a reality. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ll walk you through some fantastic options. A benefit of doing this day after day, we know what features you might capitalize upon to really stand out.

Light Consultation

We supply all the lights and accessories and will set you up with an outdoor timer to guarantee you get the most out of your display every evening with zero effort. Classic C-9 or LED? Mini or large? Flashing, twinkling, steady or fairy? Music or motion triggered? Warm, cool, colored? Modern holiday lighting choices are vast. And while choice is good, the options can be overwhelming. Shore Clean can walk you through what is available and what might work best for your property, so you’ll end up with a display you love.

Lighting Assessment and Repair

Once your holiday lights are up and twinkling, keep them looking their best. If a bulb goes out, we’ll replace it. Something not working right? We’ll come fix it. No more unboxing, untangling, and troubleshooting your lights every year only to put them up and discover half of them aren’t working.

Quality Installation

Armed with the tools needed, the Shore Clean team makes quick work of holiday light installation. We’ve got the right sized ladders. We bring the needed clips. We’ll discuss with you options for affixing any lights to your home or business’ structure to ensure no future damage or eyesores. Adept at navigating landscaping, our team takes care to protect your shrubs, bushes and flowers.

Take Down and Storage

At installation, we’ll agree on a time to come back to take down your lighting as the final step of the service. We’ll also store them for you in our own facility. Free up space in your attic, basement, garage, or shed.

Holiday Magic for Your Family and Your Neighbors

Holiday lighting perfectly encapsulates the season of giving. You can delight your family and bring holiday cheer to your neighbors with festive outdoor lights. And you can count on Shore Clean Solutions to protect your holiday cheer. Our dependable professional holiday light installers get the job done safely and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your home or business.