Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning | Shore Clean Solutions | Salisbury MD

Deck Cleaning is important to your Home’s Value!

If you need deck cleaning services in Salisbury, Maryland we can help. We are experts at taking your Dirty, Algae deck and making it look New Again!!

Wood deck cleaning is important to maintain your home’s value.  Mildew, Mold & Algae – when these organic growths attack your deck they can pose a potential slip hazard and take away from your home’s value.

With up-to-date equipment and soaps, we are able to clean your wood decking the correct way with No Pressure. Most people think they should just get a pressure washer and start washing but in reality you can damage the material and the appearance with high PSI. This is why it’s extremely important to contact us when you need a deck cleaning. Power washing is an important part of maintaining a SAFE & BEAUTIFUL HOME when it’s done correctly. We have been through Training and attend yearly conventions to keep up with the industry.