The Benefits Of Power Washing Your Deck

We spend a lot on our wooden decks. They are one of the most attractive, versatile, and charming features of any home that has one. This is why you spend a lot of effort in keeping it in good shape. Professional power washing your deck is one great way to do this.

The Benefits Of Power Washing Your Deck

Prolong Your Wooden Deck’s Life

Wood left out in the elements grows organic material. Mold and algae can rot your beautiful wooden deck away as well as eat away the infrastructure. This attracts insects and weakens planks.

Hiring a professional service is critical here because using the wrong cleaning solution will make the problem worse by breaking down the lignin that holds the wood together and using ineffective DIY solutions lets the algae and mold dig its way into the wood’s core. A professional power washing with the right solutions, however, will remove mold spores and algal growths before they can age your deck so that you can have the full 20 or so years you planned on getting out of it.

Promote Safety

Moldy, dirty decks are slippery, which means that people have to be careful about walking on the deck. The damage to the infrastructure can also lead to splinters and tripping hazards. This is particularly hard on folks who already have mobility issues such as arthritis and children, who are prone to running without thinking. Even fully-mobile adults can find themselves vulnerable to slips when they are trying to carry heavy equipment across the deck, such as when you are setting up a barbecue.

Scouring the surface clean regularly by professional power washers will remove these slipping hazards and make your deck safe for all your guests and you.

Improve Looks

A properly cleaned deck looks gorgeous and invites guests on it. Removing dirt and grime can bring out the true colors that make wood so attractive, and it adds to the warmth and comfortable feel of a deck. Power washing, done correctly, is thorough and gentle, bringing out the wooden decks best features.

Shore Clean Services knows that your wooden deck is an important part of your home and wants to help you keep it beautiful as long as possible through expert power washing services. Contact us for more information.