Low Pressure Cleaning Renews Outdoor Furniture

Spring is just around the corner. Time to prepare for the outdoor season ahead. Plant some flowers, clean up your outdoor areas and uncover the patio furniture…to discover that your outdoor wood furniture is looking pretty unappealing. When you think of pressure washing, you probably don’t think of your outdoor wood furniture. But you should. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the life of your wood furniture for years. So don’t throw out that old bench just yet.

Pressure Washing – Not Just for Decks and Siding

We all know that outdoor furniture takes a beating. Sunlight, rain, freezing temperatures, dirt and fungus all contrive to break down your furniture as quickly as possible. That’s true for plastic or wood furniture. But quality outdoor wood furniture has the capacity to outlast plastic – which weakens and becomes more and more brittle each year. When your wood furniture starts to look less than ideal, you may think your only options are to sand and stain or – if that sounds like more work than you want – to relegate it to the trash pile. There is another option, though. Low pressure cleaning. But don’t go dragging out the garden hose, though. That’s a little too “low pressure” and will just add more moisture (and chance for rot) to the furniture without really cleaning it.

Professional pressure washing companies like Shore Clean Solutions have the expertise to properly clean all sorts of surfaces. They can identify the surface and select the proper cleaning detergents and appropriate pressure, turning your lackluster wood furniture into the centerpiece of your summer activities. Deck chairs, benches and picnic tables can be restored to attractive usefulness. And, if you do decide to refinish your wood furniture, pressure washing can make the job easier by removing any fungus and debris prior to sanding and re-staining.

Turn your deck, patio or garden into your outdoor living area! Shore Clean Solutions can help. Contact us to schedule deck and furniture cleaning and get ready for a great summer. Shore Clean Solutions offers commercial cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning in Easton & Salisbury, Maryland.