Little Known Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Some folks wait until they absolutely have to have their gutters cleaned to do it. This may sound more convenient, but it deprives these folks of the benefits of regular gutter cleaning. You aren’t just preventing water from slopping down the sides of the gutters and damaging the ground under them either.

Little Known Benefits of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Prevent Leaks

Water in unintended places is a frequent problem for homes, and it costs quite a bit to fix once it creeps in. One way that leaks can start is that an overflowing gutter lets water pool on your roof and rot away shingles or walls. It can also cause water to back up over vents or similar openings. Regularly scrubbing out the gutters will keep it from clogging, and this will in turn keep water channeled away from your home.

Deter Pests

Little creatures love a dirty gutter. Birds use it for nesting material, rodents find snacks in the debris, and bugs collect in the rotting leaves. After a while, they will migrate into your garage or crawl space. You can prevent this be having your gutter professionally cleaned regularly. They will remove any tempting mice snacks and nesting materials before they can build up a colony.

Prepares You For The Storm

Bad weather happens sooner or later, even during the summer, and a partially-full gutter can wind up taxed beyond its abilities after a few storms. The last thing you want after a storm knocks down a few branches is to discover that the gutter burst. If you clean your gutter often, it will be ready to receive the extra water and debris so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Fortunately, Shore Clean Solutions has been cleaning gutters for 10 years now, so contact us if you want to clean out your gutter.