Have Your Patio Furniture Professionally Power Washed

Unlike your comfy living room furniture, your patio furniture has a tougher role. It has to withstand outdoor elements and whatever Mother Nature throws its way. It doesn’t have the protection of walls, a roof, or controlled temperatures. To keep it looking fresh and new, it requires maintenance and upkeep. Let us take care of that work for you!

Have Your Patio Furniture Professionally Power Washed

Customer Service and Attention to Detail

At Shore Clean Solutions, we pride ourselves on the best service. Our staff is well-trained and certified. We clean with care and treat your home, property, and belongings as if they were our own. Our many 5-star reviews demonstrate our commitment to our customers and our attention to detail.

From Shabby and Weathered to Completely Transformed

Your outdoor living space, including your patio furniture, should feel like a haven – an enjoyable and pleasant oasis that allows you to completely relax and unwind. When you need a break or when you want to feel the refreshing breeze of a light summer wind, your patio furniture should look and feel inviting. If it looks old, shabby, or weathered, you’re likely to stay inside when really and truly you crave that beautiful weather outdoors.

You’ll be amazed at the transformative difference power washing can make. We are confident that after a thorough cleaning, you’ll fall back in love with your outdoor furniture. Who knows…your loved ones might have a hard time getting you back inside!

An Important Added Benefit

Power washing will not only re-establish the beauty of your patio furniture but also provide a health benefit. While you can easily see built-up dirt and grime, you can’t necessarily see germs and bacteria lurking on the surface. When left for too long, these organisms can cause allergies. In your outdoor oasis, unhealthy organisms are not welcomed guests!

While restoring your outdoor furniture’s natural beauty, power washing will also expel any organisms. This promotes a clean, healthy, and happy space that you can comfortably enjoy with family and friends.

To learn more or receive an estimate, contact us today at Shore Clean Solutions. We would love to answer any questions you might have.