Simple Tips for Cleaning Community Playgrounds

The beautiful fall weather is the perfect time for children to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re a parent or maintain a park, you probably already know the importance of having clean playground equipment. Playgrounds are hotspots for germs that can make children sick. In fact, a study by HomeAdvisor found that playgrounds are dirtier than toilets, which is pretty scary!

By keeping equipment clean, we reduce the risk of spreading illnesses during playtime. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean the surfaces of most outdoor play structures without using harsh chemicals that could harm children or pets. Here are some easy ways to clean different types of play structures safely and effectively.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Community Playgrounds

Wooden Playgrounds

Cleaning wood is simple — just use warm water and soap (or dishwashing liquid). Rinse off any suds before letting the structure dry completely in direct sunlight.

Metal and Plastic Playgrounds

For metal parts, spray them with an all-purpose cleaner and then wipe them down with a soft cloth until they’re dry. You can also use this solution on plastic parts as well! Just make sure you don’t spray it directly onto rubber components because they’ll become slippery when wet.

Painted Playground Surfaces

And finally, for painted surfaces, mix 1/4 cup bleach into one gallon of water, then apply it to the surface using a sponge mop or soft brush attachment on your garden hose nozzle. Let everything air dry after rinsing thoroughly. This will ensure that no harmful chemicals remain behind where kids might come into contact with them later.

One way to provide a safe environment for our children is to make sure that the playgrounds they use are clean. If you manage a park or have playground equipment in your backyard, consider hiring a professional company that specializes in cleaning community playgrounds. Shore Clean Solutions is a top-rated business in Salisbury, Maryland, dedicated to keeping community playground equipment sanitized. We provide cleaning services at affordable rates, so you can keep your equipment safe and looking brand new all year round. Contact us today.