Prepare Your Home or Business for Professional Window Cleaning

How to Prepare Your Home or Business for Professional Window Cleaning

Are you considering hiring our professional window cleaning services for your home or business? Preparing properly beforehand can ensure the process goes smoothly and your windows look impeccable after the service. At Shore Clean Solutions, we want to help you get the most out of our expert window cleaning. Follow these tips to prepare for professional window cleaning! 

Create Easy Access

One of the most important things you can do is clear paths to all windows, inside and out. Move any furniture, décor or outdoor items away from windows to allow our technicians full access. This prevents damage and enables them to clean every inch of glass thoroughly. If cleaning high exterior windows, make sure there are no obstructions to setting up ladders or lift equipment safely.

Protect Your Belongings

While our team takes great care, it’s wise to remove breakable items near windows before the cleaning begins. This includes mirrors, vases, picture frames and any other fragile objects that could potentially get knocked over accidentally during the process.

Secure Pets Safely

Pets can inadvertently get underfoot or escape through open doors and windows during the cleaning appointment. To avoid any issues, it’s best to secure dogs, cats and other pets in a separate room or take them to a pet sitter for the duration of the service.

Note Problem Windows

Does any window have a stuck lock or other mechanical issue? Make a note to point these out to the Shore Clean Solutions crew lead when they arrive. Our technicians can still clean these windows, but flagging problems allows them to take proper precautions. In some cases, a window repair may be recommended before cleaning.

Consider Internal Window Coverings

If you plan to have the insides of your window panes cleaned and have internal blinds, shades or curtains, you’ll need to temporarily remove or tie back these coverings. This gives our team full access to clean the entire window surface. Clearing internal window coverings can be done right before the appointment start time.

Check for Stuck-On Grime

Most dirt and gunk will be removed through our professional window cleaning process. However, taking a few minutes to scrape off any caked-on stains or stuck debris beforehand helps achieve optimal results. Use an appropriate tool like a razor to gently remove excessive stuck-on grime.

Trust Shore Clean Solutions for Professional Window Cleaning

At Shore Clean Solutions, we have the experience and equipment to revive streaky, grimy windows and turn them into sparkling clear views again. Booking an appointment is easy, and we’re happy to answer any other questions about how to prepare for professional window cleaning services at your property. Contact us today and get ready for spotless windows with our professional cleaners!