Do Gutter Guards Prevent the Need for Gutter Cleaning?

Gutters reduce the risk of damage to a home by channeling water away from the foundation, according to Building America. If the gutter gets clogged with leaves and other debris, it will be ineffective. To protect their gutters, some homeowners use gutter guards that are designed to keep leaves from piling up.  Most products that manufacturers claim will prevent gutter clogs and eliminate the need for gutter cleaning aren’t 100 percent effective. Having them installed could wind up costing you more than professional gutter cleaning.

Do Gutter Guards Prevent the Need for Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter Guards Problems

  • They Don’t Keep Everything Out

    While gutter guards may keep some debris out, they can’t block all of it. The debris that gets in will accumulate over time and will eventually cause clogs. The clogs keep water from flowing through the gutters and away from the house via the downspout. What can happen instead is that the water backs up under the eaves and into the foundation. The moisture can rot wood in the home’s structure or cause mold to grow.

  • Leaves Can Pile Up

    Gutter guards cause the leaves that would otherwise get into the gutter to pile up on top of the guard. The piles of leaves on the gutter can hurt the home’s appearance.

  • The Roof Warranty May be Affected

    Some gutter guards will void a roof’s warranty. If the installation requires that they be attached to shingles with nails, this may affect your warranty so that the homeowner will have to pay for damages out of pocket.

Whether you have gutter guards are not, you will still need gutter cleaning. Ideally, you should do this at least twice a year or more if your home has trees around it. If you need debris removed from your gutters, contact us at Shore Clean Solutions today. We specialize in cleaning solutions for commercial and residential properties in and around Salisbury, MD.