3 Essential Satellite Dish Cleaning Tips for Stronger Reception

A satellite dish gives access to a selection of channels that keep us entertained. These devices send and receive signals even in remote rural areas for high-definition programming, all without the need for cable TV.  Yet, satellites accumulate dirt and debris that block reception due to constant exposure to natural elements. Use these four satellite dish cleaning tips so you’ll never have transmission problems while watching your favorite TV shows.

3 Essential Satellite Dish Cleaning Tips for Stronger Reception

Clear Dust, Dirt, and Debris

Dirt and dust might seem harmless, but they build up fast and jam a satellite dish over time. It is essential to remove these elements from your dish using a soft broom, though with extreme caution to avoid re-aiming the dish that automatically disrupts the reception.

Remove Snow, Ice, and Water

Although satellite dishes can withstand wintry conditions, ice or snow stuck on the dish surface may block signal reception. You can brush off snow from your dish using a soft broom, or wait for the ice to melt, and use an absorbent to clear the water to avoid scraping the dish surface in the process that causes signal disruption.

Practice Proper Care and Maintenance

Like any other useful tool, satellites require proper care for long-term service. Frequently cleaning your satellite dish, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, is essential for proper functionality.

Remember to turn off the receiver before cleaning and watch your steps when cleaning one on your rooftop. Also, avoid touching the wires and purchase a cover to shield the satellite from adverse weather conditions.

Get Satellite Dish Cleaning Help

As straightforward as these tips may seem, satellite dish cleaning can be tedious and dangerous for the unskilled. It is, therefore, essential to hire expert cleaners for professional cleaning services. We at Shore Clean Solutions provide professional commercial and residential cleaning services. Contact us today to ask questions or book an appointment.