Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer With a Clean Deck

Your deck is a great place to sit with your family and enjoy the Summer and sunshine when the cold and rainy season ends. But it could look worn because it’s outside and made of wood.

Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer With a Clean Deck

Effects Of Weather Elements On Your Deck

Extreme weather conditions like the sun, wind, rain, and cold can wreak havoc on outdoor spaces, including your deck. These conditions can affect your deck, causing;

  • Discoloration, weakening, and breaking
  • Minor damages like sprints
  • Accumulation of debris, dirt, and grime

Exposure of wood to weather elements during the cold seasons and rains can lead to;

  • Growth of algae and mold. It causes the boards to be slippery and can destroy the boards.

Cleaning Your Deck For Summer

Cleaning your deck is essential for safety reasons for your whole family. It’s also helpful if you plan to entertain as summer begins. There are a few things to consider when planning on cleaning your deck;

  • Ensure you choose deck cleaning products that are safe and avoid dangerous deck cleaners
  • Consider having the deck danger proofed to ensure it is safe for your kids
  • Consider getting a cover for your deck to reduce the harm caused by weather conditions
  • Consider hiring professionals to clean your deck

Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Deck are;

  • Check out the condition of your deck
  • Clean your deck by first sweeping and decluttering, then clean using safe cleaners
  • Protect your deck with a sealant after cleaning
  • Check and clean your patio furniture
  • Decorate your patio

Final Thought

Safety should be your priority as you tend your deck, especially with kids. At shore clean solutions, we can help you clean your deck. We are experts in cleaning your dirty algae decks and making them look new, comfortable, and safe for you and your kids. Visit our website to learn more about deck cleaning, or contact us if you need your deck cleaned.