Did you know Gutter Cleaning is very important to your Home?

Gutter Cleaning is something that normally is over looked by the home owner . In most instances semi-annual gutter cleanings (twice per year) is recommended. You want to do one gutter cleaning in the fall after the leaves have fallen. This will keep your gutters from holding water and then freezing. Problems like this are very common and cause so much damage yet are easily avoided with a little planning and save on costly gutter repairs. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars repairing the effects of freezing/thawing (ice damns) on their Gutters, Wood Work and Foundations. The other time to have gutters cleaned out is in the spring as your trees bud and produce leaves/seeds/flowers. Most people don’t realize how many seeds come off of a tree this time of year. It’s enough to easily clog and prevent drainage and cause the water to run off the gutter and cause damage.

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